Lucky Stars


Light Moka Customized Rancher Fedora Hat

Our OG Rancher fedora with a classic width brim. This hat is designed to make a statement for elegance, for everyday and for the billion moments in between. Hand-made from stiffened Mexican suede with a rigid brim and crown, this style is designed to hold its shape through thick and thin.

Trimmed with Textured wraps, a Charm, and Branding.

  • Made from stiffened Mexican suede
  • Spot / specialist clean
  • Brim width: 3 3/8″ / 8.5725 cm
  • Crown height: 4″ – 4.75″
  • Rigid crown design

Please note: due to the color and nature of the suede dyeing process, some flecking or marks may be present in material

Size & Fit:

Our Rancher fedora is designed one-size-fits most.

True measurement is 56 – 58cm

If our hat measurements are slightly large, please add a hat filler to your order.


**Disclaimer: Handmade Artistry**

We take pride in the craftsmanship of our hats. Each hat is individually handcrafted and styled by our skilled artisans, making each one a unique piece. Please note that due to the handmade nature of our hats, variations may occur, and the hat received may not be the exact hat pictured on our website.

**Stylizations: Your Personal Touch**

The stylizations featured on our hats are not permanently mounted. They are skillfully placed by our artisans to showcase styling possibilities. As a result, your hat may arrive with slightly different stylizations. Feel free to change or remove them to suit your personal taste and express your unique style.